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Quotes This was my first visit and I scheduled my next visit before leaving. The Reiki / Polarity massage combo was just amazing. Quotes
LeeAnn Connors

Quotes That was hands down the best (and craziest!!) energy work I have EVER gotten!! You fixed my congestion and sore throat!! It's gone!! I can still feel "stuff' releasing and moving - this is amazing! Really, thank you so so much. I have never had an energy work session that is as powerful as a Reiki attunement - if not more so. Even the Lighterian attunements! Can't thank you enough - I feel amazing!! Quotes
HealingArts Massage Therapy

Quotes I HIGHLY recommend "Bellas Bodyworks" not just a massage parlor/spa. This is some place you HAVE got to experience. My 3 day headache gone, my knee feels so good right now. I can't even find the words to describe how awesome this was and how great I feel right now. This is truly Weymouth's hidden jewel Quotes
Carol Malinowski

Quotes "Michaela was amazing! I didn't want to get off of the massage table! I highly recommend Bella's Bodyworks!" Quotes
Ashley A

Quotes "Caryn is A+!! I so appreciate her insight and willingness to adjust a treatment to what's needed at the moment...go see her, you won't regret it!" Quotes

Quotes I have used the crystal grids with my clients. They report an ease and flow of the energy within them. The grids "take on a form of their own" once you are in the flow of the energy. The technique is easy to learn and easily incorporated into your massage or Reiki practice. Quotes
Christine Naoum-Heffernan RN, RMT & Sound Energy Practitioner
Chakra Alignment Grid Class

Quotes After 1 visit at Bellas Bodyworks I was able to ride my bike again. I had not ridden in 2 years due to knee pain! Quotes
Cathy Emery Rockland MA
I Can Ride Again

Quotes I leave Bellas Bodyworks after a wonderful Swedish massage feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and really feeling good. The feeling lingers well into the next day - every muscle feeling well taken care of! I highly recommend Caryn! Quotes
Lois Viglas

Quotes Bellas is a haven in the midst of chaos. Spend an hour and you come out renewed by Caryn's magic hands. Quotes
Linda P. of Weymouth

Quotes Caryn Bellew at Bellas Bodyworks gave me the massage of a life time! I feel so energized and Caryn know's her stuff! She used gua sha on my shoulder where I carry the most stress and the knots are gone. I'm bruised but feel no pain! Gua sha, also known as, Scraping therapy, serves to promote circulation and relieve toxin build-up in tissue and organs. Give her a call, you won't be sorry! Thanks Caryn- Quotes
Amy Miller
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